Our Services

Blocked drains. Drains cleaning. Toilet Blockages. Drains Maintenance

Whatever your drainage problem, your Metro Rod service centre has the solution. We’ve invested in technology and training in each of over fifty local centres nationwide, to make sure we can tackle your drainage emergency quickly, cleanly and safely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well always have the right equipment for the job, and our helpful engineers can advise you of clever ways to protect your drains and prevent future emergencies.  

It's just what you’d expect from the UK’s leading drain cleaning services company.


CCTV Surveys

We offer CCTV surveys to investigate faulty pipes, drains and sewers enabling us to identify the cause of the problem and establish the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to rectify it, without the cost and inconvenience of digging down to the fault. Our CCTV drain survey includes a comprehensive written report and a DVD of the CCTV. 

High Pressure Water Jetting

We use professional high pressure water jetting equipment for powerful deep cleaning of all types of drainage systems and surfaces. High pressure water jetting is a quick and cost-effective way of dealing with common drainage problems, from reduced flow and unblocking drains to the removal of soft silt or hard solid-set substances such as scale or cement.  We also use pressure washes to strip floors, machinery, rubbish chutes and skips of dirt, rubber deposits and grease.


Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining and Patch Repair are effective techniques for repairing drains from within the inside of the drain without the cost and inconvenience of digging up the ground.  We can re-line the full length of a drain or apply just a localised structural repair for pipes ranging from 75mm to 450mm in diameter.

Fat Buster

Metro Rod’s automatic Fatbuster™ system prevents the build-up of fat and grease in commercial drains, which improves your drainage system's flow rate, reduces odours, reduces the chance of blocked drains and saves you money.  The system is fully automatic and requires no training or management by staff and is maintained by Metro Rod.

Pre-Planned Maintenence

A blocked drain can result in damage to property and stock, as well as disrupting your business, not to mention the potential health risk from flooding and the cost and inconvenience of cleaning. Metro Rod’s Pre-Planned Maintenance programme can help to avoid such cost and disruption.

Gutter Vacuum Cleaning

Our Metro Vac system uses long poles and CCTV camera for fast and efficient cleaning of guttering over a wide area.  Metro Vac is operated from ground level and can reach gutters up to 10 metres high, thereby eliminating the need for scaffolding, ladders and high access equipment.  The high-powered vacuum sucks up leaves rather than sweeping them out; leaving the surrounding area clean.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning

Electro Mechanical Cleaners are cutters on flexible steel rods that are inserted into pipes for removing scale, build-up and blockages for various diameter pipework, just part of every Metro Rod engineer’s tool kit for clearing blocked drains and pipes.

Tanker Services

Our state-of-the-art tankers carry 3000 gallons of clean water for high volume jetting and vacuuming.  They are powerful enough to blast away rubbish, tree roots and debris in drains, sewers and large pipes.